Mr. Ishaan Sinha, Founder and Director of BlakTronics Investigation Labs is a revolutionary cyber crime investigator who has created a revolution in field of investigation using cyber intelligence.

He is well recognized personnel at Ministry of Home Affairs, Law Enforcement Agencies like National Investigation Agency, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Nation Wide Police Forces, Central Bureau of Investigation, Narcotics Bureau, Intelligence Agencies of State Forces, Assam Rifles, National Crime Records Bureau, Bureau of Police Research & Development, Indian Army and Indian Police Force.

He is well recognized by most of the IPS officers of India and has worked with proven results.

His solutions are well acknowledged nation wide and has written 3 famous books on crime investigation using cyber intelligence.

Ishaan Sinha

  • Automated Surveillance for MP Police.
  • Think Like Them to Catch Them.
  • Are We Ready

His books have reached libraries of almost all the law enforcement agencies of India and thousands of copies have been received by all the state police services and other government agencies. He is also known to law enforcement agencies of Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives too.

As speaker on investigation using cyber intelligence at Ministry of Home Affairs, Bureau of Police Research and Development, Government of India he has got award of commendation from various intelligence and investigation agencies and police forces.

He has also assisted and trained more than 3 lac officers all over the nation and many officers from Law enforcement agencies abroad. His visionary skills and innovation has touched lives of Law Enforcement Agencies of India and his technocratic skills has played a vital role in the change that is evolving in cyber world.

He is known to lead a role and finishes it to perfection. He carries a ultimate vision and on a mission to upgrade Indian Law enforcement agencies to such a level which can stand ahead of most technically equipped law enforcement agencies of other nations .