BlakTronics Investigation Labs is glad to announce the
Arrival of a Revolutionary Tool
iGAT (Intelligence Gathering and Tracking Tool).

All in one solution for smart crime detection and social media monitoring.


Revolutionary features of IGAT:-

1. Facebook Intelligence Gathering:- Intelligence Gathering with N number of custom queries and find target profiles in seconds. Need of the hour tool for social media analysis using the most powerful searching capabilities.

2. Twitter Intelligence Gathering:- Find suspected twitter profiles with N number or custom queries.

3. Multiple Truecaller Search:- Search Multiple numbers from CDR  and dump and find suspects on truecaller automatically.

5. Multiple Number Facebook search– Search Multiple numbers from CDR and find suspected profiles on facebook automatically.

6. Multiple Name Facebook Search: Search multiple names on facebook together in seconds.

7. Location Plotting from CDR – Location Plotting from CDR on google maps and find movements of target and patterns for crime investigations.

8. Skype Resolver – Find profiles from Skype with email IDs and profile names.

9. IPV6 to IPV4 Converter – Convert IPV6 addresses to IPV4 for ease of investigations and find ISPs.

10. Location Plotting from cell chart: All India Cell India Chart to Track Locations.

11. Bulk IPDR/GPRS Analysis – IPDR/GPRS Bulk IPs and domain/country tracking in seconds.

12. Image Forensics – Find Hidden information behind an image.

13. Website Analysis – Find Information from websites and track owners.

14. Deleted Website Analysis – Tracking hidden or removed websites.

15. IMEI Search – Search handset models from IMEI numbers.
16. All India Phone Number Circle Search – All India Number Circle bulk number search from CDR and Dumps.
17. People Search – Search information about suspected people from open source/social networks from their names, usernames, email IDs and phone numbers.
18. Offline SDR Search – Search suspected phone number and details from SDR, CDR and Dump Files.

19. Whatsapp/Facebook Location Tracking – Track target’s location from whatsapp, facebook and any messenger in the world.

20. Google Intelligence Gathering – Find secret, hidden documents like pdf, doc, xls, etc. and crucial information from internet with custom queries.

21. Youtube Advanced Video Tracking – Find Youtube videos posted from a certain place on certain topics on certain dates. Like who posted a video against state police from Delhi on 22nd October, 2016.

22. Reverse Image Tracking – Find similar images posted on internet on which open websites.

23. DNS Reverse IP Lookup – Find apps/websites used by criminals, terrorists for encrypted communication and find records of suspected activities over GPRS/LTE Connections.

24. Bulk Whatsapp Lookup – Find all the numbers with their profiles available on Whatsapp from CDR or Dump.

25. CDR/Dump Analysis – The need of the hour CDR and Dump analysis module to find suspected numbers from list of thousands of numbers for case investigations.

26. DarkNet Search – Search what is going in the internet underworld like drugs, child pornography, terrorism and many other topics. All in one search engines clubbed at one place so that you don’t need to hunt for sources to find the correct information.

27. Anonymous & Encrypted Operating Systems – Find state of the art anonymous operating systems to hide your identity and anonymity to track criminals without revealing your identities.

28. Mobile Number Analysis – Upload all the numbers from Dump and CDRs and find the latest list of telecom operator and state details automatically from list of thousands of numbers for crime investigations

The revolutionary iGAT is platform independent i.e. it works on Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles and Tablets. It is very helpful during raids, operations and investigating officers on the go and use it on their handheld devices. There are other intelligence gathering techniques which will be updated in the application automatically. We have exploited the power of open source and created this application. No specialized hardware/software required. Just plug in your monitor and start tracking. A very helpful tool for intelligence gathering and crime detection.
Note: iGAT is only available for Indian Law Enforcement, Armed and Intelligence Agencies.